Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sorry I've Been Away

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't been posting at all, getting a bit snowed under with college work. I was actually in Norway this week and it was fab! It was a college trip and we went to visit 3 different pre-schools over there, one of which was completely in the middle of the forest! The kids were allowed to use sharp knives and saws, climb trees and spend the whole day out in the forest. It was really eye opening and made me question the whole early education system over here.
Anyway, I know that's really off the topic of fashion but that's what I've been up to!
I've been listening to the new Eminem album this week, which I'm really liking. I wasn't sure about Berzerk and Rap God at first but now that I have the whole album I'm enjoying it a lot more, I'll try and do a full review soon.
Hopefully talk soon,
Ellen x

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